How-To Drag Windows Around Using the Alt Key

How-To Drag Windows Around Using the Alt KeyA little while back I showed you a few groovyTip’s in Photoshop like holding the Space key to move your canvas or the Shift key to keep aspect ratio when scaling.  I love shortcut keys because they save time so I’m always looking for new ones.  For instance, MrGroove posted a groovyTip for windows keyboard shortcuts however it didn’t have what I was looking for IE: Moving windows around easily just like in Photoshop.  Well good news for you and me!  I found a groovy tool which does exactly what I need – AltDrag.  Let’s take a look shall we!

Step 1 – Downloading AltDrag

AltDrag is a free tool you can download from the official AltDrag website.  It’s completely free, and is offered in English, Spanish and Galician.

Step 2 – Installing

Installing AltDrag is a piece of cake:

You first pick a language

…then you chose your features…

…and finish off with the install location.

Step 3 – Using AltDrag

The name of the application pretty much gives it away – just hold Alt Key and click and drag to move a windows around your screen.


Clean and simple. My favorite!

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