How to Add or Remove Movies and Shows from Disney Plus Watchlist

Adding content from Disney+ to your watchlist allows you to better manage what you’ve seen and what you want to. Here’s how to use it.

Disney Plus or Disney+ can add shows to your Watchlist like other streaming services. This allows you to manage all your favorite shows in a convenient section of the app. Adding and removing content is easy; here’s how to use it.

Manage Disney Plus Watchlist

Launch the app on your chosen platform to add shows to your Disney Plus watchlist. Here we are using a browser on the desktop, but the process is similar to other devices.

Choose your profile if you have multiple ones. Then select the Search button from the top row of the app or site, and search for the movie or show you want. Note that the search button on mobile devices is on the bottom toolbar.

Select the thumbnail for the show you want when the results come up. Then click the plus sign (+) next to the Play and Trailer buttons on the show’s description page.

disney plus

That’s it. A checkmark will appear once you’ve added a show to your Watchlist to confirm it’s on your list.

Disney Plus

To view what’s on your Watchlist, choose the Watchlist tab at the top or bottom of the screen. Where the tab appears will vary depending on the platform you’re using.

To remove a movie or show, select the one you want to remove and click the checkmark icon that showed up when you first added it to your Watchlist.

The checkmark will return to the plus sign you initially clicked on to add it to your watch list. And it will no longer appear in your Watchlist section.

Summing Up

Disney Plus makes it easy to manage your Watchlist by adding or removing movies or shows with a couple of presses or clicks of a button. Having a watchlist allows you to keep track of what you want to watch and what you’ve already watched.

The service streams in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD in Dolby Vision and HDR 10. Where available, it also supports Dolby Atmos sound. Disney Plus is available virtually everywhere streaming services reside. Disney Plus is just $7.99/per month for the basic ad-supported version and $10.99/per month to go ad-free. Or, you can save by getting the Disney Plus bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+, with the Duo bundle starting at $9.99/month.

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