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How to Hide App Purchases from iTunes Store

Apple’s iTunes Store keeps a record of your purchased apps so you can download them again on other devices. You can’t remove purchases, but you can hide them. Here’s how.

Hide or Unhide App Purchases from iTunes

Launch iTunes and log into the App Store. Under Apps Store Quick Links on the right, click Purchased.

Then hover your mouse over an app you want to hide and click the X icon.

iTunes Hide Purchases 4

In the confirmation dialog that comes up, click Hide.

To unhide an app, go into you account settins.

Under the iTunes in the Cloud section, click on View Hidden Purchases.

iTunes Unhide Purchases 2

Click the Unhide button next to the apps you want to display again in the Purchased list.

iTunes Unhide Purchases 3

This will hide or unhide your apps from all of your iOS devices. You can confirm it by going to App Store >> Updates >> Purchased.

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