Use Hidden iPad Split Keyboard Keys

One of the cool new features on iOS 5 is the Split keyboard that you can use on the iPad. Did you realize there are hidden keys though? Perfect for those users who like to thumb type.

I already showed you an article on how to initiate the Split Keyboard on an iPad running iOS 5.

Split Keyboard ipad

You wouldn’t know it by look at the split keyboard, but there are hidden keys. Launch the split screen keyboard, then type the blank area next to the T on the left keyboard and it’ll type a Y. Type any area to the left or right of the last key and it will type the one that comes next if the keyboard wasn’t split.

Hidden Keys

On problem with this trick is it’s hard to click to the left or right of keys without much space next to them. Like the G, Y and B. Try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes for you.

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