How to Read Text In Windows 7 Easier With ClearType

Groovy Windows 7 Tips, Tricks, Solutions, Questions, Answers, Tutorials, How-To, And HelpHave you ever had a hard time reading something in Windows because the text seems blurry, fuzzy, or something is just wrong with it?  Recently we talked about calibrating your screen color, contrast, and brightness in Windows 7 to help out with a fuzzy screen and today I’m going to review another tool that’s included with Windows 7 that can help tune / calibrate your screen even more.  It’s called the ClearType Tuning Tool.

Using the ClearType tuning tool you can calibrate the appearance of text in Windows 7 so that it works better with your particular display.  According to Microsoft: “With ClearType font technology, the words on your computer screen look almost as sharp as those printed on a piece of paper.”.  Ready to take a look and fine-tune your display?

How To Enable and Configure ClearType For Windows 7

1. Click the Windows Start Menu Orb and then Type in cttune.exe and Press Enter.

from the windows 7 start menu load cctune.exe to load clearType tuner

2. Check the box for Turn on ClearType and then Click Next.

check the box to turn on cleartype and go to the next page. c

3. Make sure your monitor is at it’s native resolution.  This is the out-of-the-box intended resolution that your screen was designed to be run at.  This will vary depending on the size and make of your display. For example, with the laptop I am currently using my default resolution is 1366×768, but my desktop monitor’s is 1680 x 1055.  Once you’ve got it native, Click Next.

Important Note:  If you are running an LCD screen at anything other than it’s native resolution there will always be a slight fuzzy distortion attributed to it’s appearance.

make sure your windows 7 monitor is set to its native resolution

4. Now you’ll be taken through a series of 4 different windows.  Each window will display different boxes of text.  You will need to carefully analyze and choose the text which appears best to you on your display.  Again which choice looks best will vary depending on which display you are using so the choices shown in the below screenshots are just an example.

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step 1 of calibrating clearType in windows 7

step 2 of calibrating clearType in windows 7

step 3 of calibrating clearType in windows 7

step 4 of calibrating clearType in windows 7

Once you’ve gone through all 4 choice windows, congratulations you are done!  Enjoy the groovy new and improved text clarity you’ll experience with Windows 7.

completion of cleartype tuner calibration in windows 7

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