Don’t Get Scammed By Pricey HDMI Cables [groovyTips]

Groovy Tips, Tricks, Problems, Answers, Updates, and How-To So you just bought a brand new 52” HD TV, and when you got home you discovered you needed an HDMI cable to hook up the new bad boy screen right?  The only problem is when you start shopping for HDMI cables you might notice a huge range of prices.  Some will be as cheap as $4, but then others might go for a whopping $200+ saying something like: “Gold Plated,” or “Insulated.”  But does any of that affect the video quality?  Short answer, no. has put together a nice chart explaining why you should never buy an expensive HDMI cable.  As it turns out, there isn’t any difference between a $300 cable and a $3 one.  Sure, all that gold plating can make the cable look shiny but, it doesn’t make your HD picture any more HD than it already is.  See the chart from MintTrends below.

how to keep yourself from gettin ripped off on HDMI cables


Like the chart says, go for the cheapest cable you can find!  You might have to spend a few extra bucks if you need a long cable, but otherwise, save your money for some groovy Deals.

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