Windows 7 Has Released – Available for Download on MSDN and Technet

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Microsoft has delivered on their Promise!  Windows 7 RTM GOLD CODE is now officially released and available for download for Technet and MSDN Subscribers.  Unlike the day of the RC release, the download servers appear to be much faster.  I was able to download the ISOs without incident.




Winodws 7 Released - MSDN    Winodws 7 Released - Technet


It’s going to be a long night :)



Just found a nice upgrade matrix for those looking to do an In-Place Upgrade (Not recommended) but for some of you who want to keep the free software that shipped with your OEM DELL or HP, I understand. :



  1. alexmvp  

    Downloaded and installing AS WE SPEAK!

    • @alexmvp,
      Nice – Did you do an in-place-upgrade or did you do a clean FRESH install?

      • AlexMVP  

        A CLEAN install of course :) !! Windows Vista has been cleansed from ALL my PC’s as of last night at 4am! – yeah… I had a lot of caffeine to work out of my system.

  2. vadim  

    MSDN install in progress on both my Hyper-V box AND my netbook… Well see how that works out. ;)

    • @vadim,
      Netbook… I have a suspicion were going to be seeing a lot of Windows 7 on Netbooks!

  3. joseph  

    FYI – Just did the in place upgrade going from the release candidate to rtm windows 7 using your instructions: and it went flawless.


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