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Photography tips, tricks and just really cool stuffAs some of you older groovyReaders know, over the past few years I’ve been becoming more and more involved in my Photography hobby.  You can never have to many hobbies right? <sigh>… Anyway,  while wandering around on the net today I stumbled across a groovy video posted on a site called

The video was taken by a guy who stuck a high-speed camera out the window of a train and filmed as he passed through a train station.  The result, very groovy dream like scene I just had to share.

If you don’t hear any sounds, that’s normal.  If you do… you should be a little freaked out.  <smile>

If your interested in the details around how the film maker created the movie, follow this link

We will now return to our normal programming…



  1. iKlsR

    very nice… check these ones too… same techniques but a tad bit more professional.

    LEVERAGE PROMO SHOOT: Starts at 1:00


    • MrGroove

      Thnx for the FYI’s. Looked at both of em. Ya know, there’s just somethin about how simple it was tho. The others are just so busy.

  2. Vadim

    That’s pretty cool. I followed the link and the guy referenced this blog which had a few more cool “stuck in motion” videos –

    • MrGroove

      Stuckincustoms is a great travel photography blog. He does some amazing HDR photography.

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