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The Numbers Are in – Microsoft BING Overtakes Yahoo! by a Nose


As I was reviewing the groovyPost traffic analytics for the month of August 2009, I noticed an interesting data point in regards to organic search.  For the first time since it’s launch, the Microsoft BING search engine referred more traffic to the groovyPost family of sites than the Yahoo! search engine.   Here’s a look at the metrics:

Organic Search Referred Traffic:

Google Search 88%
BING Search 6%
Yahoo Search 5%
Other 1%


Time will tell if this was just a one-off occurrence or if this is an expected trend.  Now that I’m watching it, I will pay closer attention to where exactly BING is getting its traffic.  Yahoo! or Google?

Either way, BING has a LONG WAY TO GO if they plan on overtaking Google.  As you can see, the gap isn’t huge; it’s GARGANTIOUS (at least on the groovyPost sites.)

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