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Streaming Movies and Blogging from 35000 Feet Up!

Free WiFi this winter thanks to Google

A few weeks back we Google and Virgin America airlines had teamed up again to offer free WiFi on flights though the holiday season and all I can say is “GROOVY” because as we speak, I’m experiencing this generosity first hand, blogging from 35,000 feet!

Virgin America Free WiFi GoogleGetting up and going was fairly simple.  Once the plane hit 10,000 feet, WiFi kicked in and I was presented with a proxy page where they wanted my email address.  I tried a bogus email (shown in the screenshot on the right) and I was up and running after I did some free .

How Good is the WiFi from 35,000 Feet?

Well, let’s just say the guy next to me just laughed after he dropped $9 for a movie on the flight while I whipped out my iPad and streamed a movie from Netflix.  Yeah, you heard me right.  I streamed a movie from 35000 feet up on my iPad!  It was so awesome I figured I needed to get my laptop out and blog about it ASAP so here I am.

Anyway, were landing soon so I gotta jet (no pun intended).

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  1. goLfie December 18, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Awesome, pure awesome.

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