Cyber Monday Deals! What Are You Buying Today?

GroovyDeals - Cyber Monday

Attention groovyShoppers!  What are you buying today?  Did you get a groovy deal on something?  Where did you buy it?  Ahhhhhhhh!!

Seriously though, with so much BUZZ today about Cyber Monday, I thought it would be groovy if everyone would share the details about their purchases so other groovyReaders could get in on deal they might have missed.

So, if you just got a great deal on something, please drop the details in the comments below along with a link.  The more links the better so feel free to share more than 1 link!

Thanks everyone!



  1. AAust550

    I picked up a HP netbook for $379 – and some paper over at of all places. heheh

    • MrGroove

      Just checked it out and it looks like they sold out….

  2. MrGroove

    I picked up a copy of Civ 5 Today from Amazon – $29 + Free Shipping

  3. Asiong

    I picked up a sony blue ray player today for $95 after $50 instant rebate!

    • MrGroove

      Nice. I’m amazing how quickly Blue-Ray devices are dropping in price. I assume the Blue-Ray player includes the new “basic” features like NetFlix streaming and such?

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