YouTube Adds HUGE 4K Video Format

4K HDIn 2009 Full HD 1080p came to YouTube, bringing a better video viewing experience to the entire world. Now, in 2010, YouTube brings us 4K HD (also known as Quad HD) – a video format four times the resolution and quality of HD 1080p!

Let’s cover the update.


Quad HD video is a video format approximately 4096 by 3072 pixels. That is exactly four times the resolution of HD 1080p and while it may not seem so impressive viewing this from your HDD, viewing it streaming on a flash based player is.image

To watch in 4K, you need to have a very fast Internet connection and a video card and a processor that can run Quad HD without crashing your computer. YouTube has created a playlist of 4K videos that are available to watch. Simply pick a video and from the quality menu select “Original” (it’s just above 1080p.)


For now there are people with computers that can barely play 480p, so some consider this as yet another worthless feature. Others, though, are happy with the new YouTube improvement and are looking forward to more videos that will literally go “Beyond High Definition.”

What’s bigger than 1080p? 4K video comes to YouTube (via YouTube Blog)

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1 Comment

  1. Sweed

    September 7, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    hey… this picture is awful for my brain lol

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