Upgrade Google Picasa Storage, Get A Free Eye-Fi SDHC Card [groovyDeals]

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Eye-Fi has been around for a few years now. These great little SD memory cards can connect to WiFi networks while in your camera, and upload your photos automatically to your computer or up to 25 other online services.

Google Picasa has also been around for a while, and someone over at Google came up with the idea that it would be great to pair the two together.   Now for a limited time, Google is giving out a free 4 GB SDHC memory card with every purchase of a 200 GB storage upgrade for Google Web Picasa and Gmail.

Deal Details?

The memory card itself is regularly priced at $69.99 and will work with most cameras. However, if you aren’t sure, then Eye-Fi - How it workscheck this camera compatibility list.  Usually, if your camera is less than three years old, it WILL be able to support SDHC cards. Do keep in mind that SDHC cards are a lot faster than regular SD cards.  Once you have your Eye-Fi card plugged into your camera, you can directly upload photos to Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, and many other online storage accounts.  The only requirement is that you have a WiFi Internet connection.  And yes, a home wireless router will work just fine.  The best feature about this card is that if it’s connected to the Internet, it can automatically backup all of it’s stored pictures to your computer or even an FTP site you configure.

pictures of a eye-fi sdhc card going into a camera


The free card is great,  so what’s the deal with Google storage?  The storage service from Google will give you the amount of space you pay for in both Picasa and Gmail; the two services share this space.  The minimum amount of space you have to buy to qualify for the card is 200 GB, which will cost you $50.00 USD per year.  If you were interested in buying an Eye-Fi card regardless, think of this as getting it for free and saving $19 on the card.  The Google storage service will automatically renew annually, but there isn’t an obligation to do so.

price list of google storage services


Is there a catch?


There isn’t any real downside to this deal.

  • It’s from Google, a reputable, stable company (might want to read more on )
  • The service is excellent and reliable.
  • Eye-Fi cards are very groovy and help you save time.
  • Shipping takes 2-4 weeks for the card, but shipping is free too.
  • Eye-Fi Service charges dismissed with this card/deal.


Ready to pull the trigger?  Sign up @


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  1. Vadim

    I've been waiting for the Eye-Fi service to go 802.11N however about 2 months ago I broke down and bought a card.

    Overall, I love the service. Granted it only saves me a few minutes but it is nice to have the photos autodrop on my box when I get home. Good write-up tho. I can't say I would have bought into this bundle anyway. I store all my stuff on SmugMug. Unlimited has a nice feel to it :)

  2. MrGroove

    Smugmug is nice. That's what I use for my family photos. Google web
    picasa however continues to get better and better. The UI has a way
    to go vs. Smugmug and it's not as customizable however again, it's
    free unlessn of course you upgrade storage.

    For simple photo sharing it's a nice option.

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