Translate Text On The Fly With Google Goggles And a Phone [groovyNews]

imageIf your out of town, wouldn’t it be nice to have a free tour guide to translate and tell you what everything was?  Google’s new mobile project, Google Goggles is exactly that.  Here’s what it can do.

Using the camera on your smart phone, simply take a picture of the text you are looking at and then Google goggles will put it directly into the Google translator for you and give you the definition.  It even usually detects what language it is without you even telling it!

use google goggles to translate real world text

If you thought just the real world text translation was groovy, among other things Google Goggles can even do Landmarks and Places.  Want to know what you’re looking at?  Just ‘Goggle it©!’

google goggles can tell you your location

Right now the app is available for all Android phones running OS 1.6 or higher.  Sorry iPhone users…. Looks like the stunt Apple pulled with Google Voice is further delaying releases of Google products on the iPhone… Anyway, check out some more of what Google Goggles can do at the Official Google Goggles site or the video below.

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