How to Share Google Reader Entries With Facebook and Other Sites

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Google Reader is an excellent way to keep up-to-date on the latest news and topics that interest you leveraging feeds.  When you’re feeling social, you can also use to spread the word on articles that you feel are groovy enough to share on your favorite Social Media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and more!

It’s simple using the Send To feature. You can now select a broad range of places to send your Google Reader entries.  The great part about this is you no longer have to visit your favorite social networking site and manually enter the URL and description of the content.  Google Reader will automatically do this for you once you select where you want to send/share it.

How To Send Your Google Reader Favorites To Popular Social Networking Sites

1.   Sign into your Google Account, then visit the URL  Once there, Click the Settings link.

adjust your google reader settings

2.   Under settings, Click the Send To tab and then Check all of the boxes for the services and social media sites where you would like to share your Google Reader posts.

use the send to tab in google reader to select which sites appear on your send to list

3.   Now when you are using , and you find a post you like, just Click the Send To button and then Select the site where you want to share it.

when reading an article in google reader click send to to send it to your fravorite social media site

There isn’t yet a way to share your favorites to all of your social networking sites simultaneously, but this method will still save you a ton of time.   To keep up-to-date with more groovy news and tutorials, you can also subscribe to groovyPost using Google Reader @



  1. ShockerSH

    Yes, i'm a google reader fan and yes, this is a sweet article.

    Thanks for the heads up groovedex. I had no idea this existed.

  2. goLfie

    didn't know about this either. must be new

  3. MrGroove

    Vs. Outlook, yeah it's going to be light on features. Vs. Other free
    products however like outlook express or windows live mail, I think
    the review is valid and Thunderbird is worth a look.

    Personally, I'm still aging with the free outlook 2010 beta which is
    free for another 10 months or so. :)

    Sent from my mobile

  4. Erik

    Great tutorial Dexter. Thanks for sharing this information.

    I had a question about sharing articles to facebook via the Google Reader Mobile site. I preformed the steps above, but am still unable to “Send To” via google reader on my iPhone.

    I’ll keep searching!


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