How-To Rapidly Sketch Wireframes Using Google Docs

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Wireframes are a helpful way to collaborate on conceptual ideas and discuss progress.   Microsoft Office has tools that can be used to create wireframes and flowcharts, leaving Google Docs users wanting more.  Morten Just from Denmark has decided he’s waited long enough and started making his own.

Creating your own wireframe art can be time-consuming and sometimes impractical.  Luckily there are some wireframe templates already available, but there is just one problem.


Google Docs Drawing hasn’t yet incorporated drawing templates, so this is a bit of a workaround trick to get going.

how to make wireframes in google docs


1. Open up the Google Doc URL below.  Be sure to sign into your Google Account.


2. Click the File menu and Select Make a Copy.


3. Use the select tool to move around and copy the portions you want.  Only items in the white area will show when printed.

use copy to


The Wireframe Docs To Copy

Product Details Wireframe For Google Docs [via]

Mobile Phone Drill Down Wireframe For Google Docs [via]


When you’re finished

To present it, all you have to do is Select All and Copy it to a blank New Presentation in Google Docs.


Have some fun trying it out, and maybe you can create some groovy wireframes!

a groovy wireframe build in google docs


Rapid wireframe sketching in Google Docs [via]



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