How-To UnFlag Your YouTube Uploaded Videos

Groovy YouTube and Google News - YouTube IconLast Friday in “Friday Fun” we showed you just how cheap it is to get a YouTube Pro account. Real cheap, eh? What a bargain! I already got my account! Along with that same topic – and which is of concern to every YouTuber out there – what can you do when your YouTube account or videos get flagged?


Every 10 minutes over 200 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube.  This volume makes reviewing each video to see if it meets YouTube’s Community Standards just impossible.  That’s why YouTube decided to allow every user in the YouTube Community to flag videos.  Unfortunately, this also means anyone can flag your video; sometimes for no reason at all.

So one of your videos is flagged?  Don’t worry; you can still get it back!  By going to your account management page, you can appeal the decision of your video being taken down. You’ll have to write a short message in your appeal giving some reasons why your video should be un-flagged. Afterward, you can send it, and the YouTube Team will review it as soon as possible.  If they find your arguments reasonable enough, they will get the video un-flagged and again viewable by all YouTube users.

To reiterate the steps, if your video gets flagged:

  1. Click My Account from the drop-down menu under your username.
  2. Click the Manage Account link.
  3. In the right-hand pane, Click Appeal this decision under the flagged video.

youtube unflag account


You will be able to appeal not only user community flags but also copyright claims, which will hopefully one day end all the WMG issues YouTube is having. Who knows?  Until then we can only hope for the YouTube Team to be kind enough to Un-Flag our uploaded videos.



  1. shaun

    this does not work anymore. youtube has removed the feature and its bullshit

  2. Hey

    Doesn’t work YouTube format updated a long time ago :l

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