Google Wave Invite Donation Thread [groovyNews]


Although of invitations have gone out for Google Wave already,  I’m still getting emails from some groovyReaders requesting invites.  The has also heated up a bit recently.

So with all that in mind, I figured it would be appropriate to spin up a groovy Google Wave Invite Donation thread similar to the Google Voice Donation thread which was very successful.

So, to kick things off let’s review the RULES for how this is going to work.

Step 1 – If you have Google Wave Invites available, please post a new comment below listing how many invites you have available for donation to readers.

Step 2 – If you need an invite, please reply to the person donating invites providing them with your email address.  Please do not SPAM the comments section requesting Invites from each individual listing available invites.  If I see dupe requests, I’ll nuke them all.

Step 3 – The person donating Google Wave Invites will reply to the request once the invite sends.


Tip – If you’re posting your email address for an invite, you should take a look at .

Have fun!



  1. To kick things off, I have 20 Invites available which I will be donating. Please reply this this comment with your email address if you want an invite.

    • mmx  

      i woud like an wave invite. thanks

      • @MMX – No problem. Plz just confirm what email address you want me to send it to.

    • Tony Duenez  

      Mr Groove… I would absolutely appreciate a Wave or Voice invite. Much appreciated… keep doing what youre doing!

      • @Tony D. – Which email address should I send it to?

    • calinutz  

      please send me an invitation too, calinburza[at]gmail[dot]com

      thankyou very much

      • @Calinutz – Done! Google Wave Invite sent. Hopefully you get it today.

    • Luca  

      MrGrove, I wonder if you still have any invitation available.
      In case I would really like to receive one ! :)
      my email luca AT
      Thanks !


    • hey, could i please have a google wave invitations, my email is


      • @Peter J – Invite sent buddy. Btw love the ideasbubble site, seems to have quality content and I got sucked into reading quite a few, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

  2. Steffen  

    hey Mr. Groove,

    I’like to have a Wave account. Would be great if you’d invite me. Thx a lot.

  3. Need to evaluate Google Wave as collaboration platform for new setup non-profit. Would really appreciate an invite . PLEEEEASE

    • Invite Sent

      • Richard  

        Thanks – invite received. But can’t jump in instantly.
        Can’t wait till I can dive in to the WAVE, hopefully later today.

        • Sounds good. I’ve seen it take a few days sometimes so you should be ready to go tmow (hopefully). Enjoy!

  4. shockersh  

    Sure… I’ll donate 10 invites. Who needs one? Be sure to leave your email address.

    • Wentao  

      Hope you can give me a Wave invite.

      Thanks a lot!

      • Got it! Just sent the invite to your email address.

        • Wentao  

          Many thanks!

  5. I have about 15 Google Wave invites I’m willing to give away!
    Reply below with an email link to claim yours.

    For instructions on how to protect your email address when posting it online like this see this article:

  6. robber  

    Please send me an invite – thanks – (oh, this is pretty cool!)

  7. mb  

    Hi, I would like to be invited to google wave. Thank you!!

    • @MB – Invite just sent!

      • You’re a fnikcug idiot. > means “Better > Worse” not “Worse > Better”. Go back to 3rd grade.

  8. ThreeLegged  

    Hello MrGroove. I am hoping you still have a spare invite to google wave. Please send to

    Thank you

    • @ThreeLegged – Done! Enjoy! Look me up on the Wave once you get there.

      • ThreeLegged  

        Invite received! Thanks MrGroove. Hope to see you on the other side

  9. Lianna  

    I would love a Wave invite if you have any left.


    • @Lianna – Done, Invite sent.

      • Lianna  

        Got it! Thanks so much!

        • Wow… normally it takes a few days for the google wave invite to show up…. that’s good news!

  10. Cameron  

    I’d appreciate a Wave invite, if there are any left.

    • @Cameron – Invite sent! Look me up there once you arrive!

      • Cameron  

        Invite received! Thanks much, MrGroove!

  11. Dmitrij  

    I would love a Wave invite if you have any left.


    • Which email address should I send it to?

      • Invite Sent! Look me up after you get your account!

      • Dmitrij  

        Thanks a lot – invite received.

  12. Sorin  

    I would like one too please if there are any left

    • No problem. Just shot it over to you. Enjoy!

  13. Diogo  

    I hope I didn’t come late… I’d like one too.


    • @Diogo – Almost out but you got one. Google Wave Invite sent.

  14. RDP  

    Hope you still have an invitation? Would appreciate a lot receiving one. Thank you.

  15. Dinko  

    Can I get one too, please? I’d be most grateful..

    • @Dinko – Invite sent. Enjoy!

  16. dealaday  

    I’d love an invite if anyone’s got one to spare? A google voice invite would also be greatly appreciated also…

    • @Dealaday – Invite sent just now.

  17. Fritz  

    Was wondering if you still have an invite, MrGroove?
    I’d sure love to wave with y’all.
    Thanks in advance! :)

    • Fritz  

      Please send to fritzwrites [at] gmail [dot] com if you’ve still got any.
      Many thanks!!!

    • @Fritz, invite sent. Let me know how long it takes before you receive it!

      • Fritz  

        Much appreciation and thanks gooveDexter!!! :) I got the invite about 100 minutes after I posted here on the groovyPost forum. That was very quick indeed! Thanks a lot again!

        • Glad to hear it’s working so quickly! Enjoy!

  18. hector  

    hope i am not to late for invites. can i get one plz

    thanks if u can..

    • Fritz  

      Hello Hector!
      Invite just sent. Enjoy the Wave while you still can. :) Cheers!

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