Google Wave Exits Beta and Goes Public

imageWant a Google Wave invite?  Guess what; you don’t need one!  Google has brought the beta version of Google Wave out of the invitation phase and now anyone with a Google Account can start using it.  You might ask, “What can you do with Google Wave?” Well, we are still trying to figure that out.

Not only has Google pushed Wave into the public domain, but now it is available as a free tool for all Google Apps users.  To help all ‘Google Apps Organizations’ get educated on Google Wave – there is a webinar on Wednesday morning May 26, 2010.  You can sign-up for the webinar here.


Google Wave Goes Public, welcome to google wave


Google Wave (Labs) available today to organizations using Google Apps [via]



  1. chewbie

    I wish all comment fields would be waves – it’s just soo brilliant! It’s forums + wikis + chat all rolled into one and after I used it a little with a friend i noticed 2 things:

    It works great for keeping up with multiple topics of conversation :)

    It eats a LOT of resources! like…. 200mb firefox/chrome/ie app after 178 messages in a wave – and it might seem like it’s a little, but that’s actually what a regular ‘chat’ window would contain.

    Wave is really ahead of it’s time. Whilst youtube comments would be a lot more awesome if they were replaced by waves, we don’t really currently posess the hardware to make it possible (especially for mobile devices)

    just my 2 fillérs

    • MrGroove

      @Chewbie – Ya know what, I agree with ya. Google Wave is CHAT on CRACK. My only complaint about Google wave is the performance. Every time I use it with Firefox or Chrome, once the “wave” get’s a little long (10-15 updates) it just starts to sllooooowwwww down and eventually crashes.

      Love it, I just think it needs a Version 2. That being said, now that it’s gone GA, perhaps it will be better???

      Anyone notice if the performance is better now?

    • Sabrina

      Hehe! I just got 25! and I tried to inivte people to my list but need a lot of time for waiting.

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