Google Officially Takes One More Step Towards World Domination

Groovy Google News, Tips, and How-toAre you tired of watching YouTube and other videos on your tiny computer screen when you have a 52” TV sitting idly in the living room?  You’re not alone, and Google has entered the game to help all of our TV’s become smarter.

Google TV is an entertainment hub that searches all of your channels, recorded shows, YouTube, and the rest of the net for videos.  You can search for anything, just like you were doing a Google search from your TV.  You can see the Live Announcement on YouTube or just watch the introduction video below from their new site,

Logitech currently has in the works a companion box that will work as a converter between your TV and computer.  They are also developing a smartphone app for controlling your Google TV from your phone.  It sound’s very groovy, and we can’t wait to see it go live.

Expect to see Google TV go live Fall 2010.

Oh, one last thing… Before you go out and grab your “Google TV Box,” be sure to read the Google TV terms of service

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