Google Sites Adds Picasa Integration, Feeds and Custom Templates [groovyNews]

Google Picasa Logo Earlier today Google released several new features for the free Google Sites service.  The new features included Tighter integration with Picasa Web Albums, the ability to upload photos directly to Google Sites, RSS Feeds for Announcement pages, and lastly, Custom Templates…  FINALLY!!!


The Picasa Web Albums integration makes it easy for users to import their Picasa photos directly into their Google site.  Can you say Family Website???  That’s the first thing that came to mind!

Use your Picasa photos from your Google Site and Upload to Picasa from your google siteAnd with the new RSS feeds it makes it that much easier for Nana and Grand Pa to keep up with all the latest updates of the kids!  Google has set up an excellent example of the feed system if you want to take a look at it.


And that brings us to the Google Custom Templates.  Previously I wasn’t a huge fan of Google Sites because they made you fit inside the pre-built templates built by Google.  Now that you can create custom templates, however, I have a feeling Google Sites is going to start to get a LOT of attention!

Create custom page templates in google sites

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