Google Secures Another Year In China With a Compromise…

Groovy Google NewsRemember the cyber hack attack against Google and other US firms back in January?  That isn’t necessarily when all the problems started, but it is when Google decided that pulling out of China might be a smart option.  When you combine that with the added pressure from the Chinese government against Google’s unfiltered search results, it seemed like Google’s Chinese future was compromised (so to speak.)

Last Friday despite problems and concerns, the Chinese government in Beijing granted Google a renewal for its Internet content provider license.  China is currently the world’s largest single market of Internet users due to its overwhelming population.  Without the license Google would be no longer able to operate in China, so it’s a pretty big deal.


The most recent conflict was over Google’s decision to cease censoring search results – as per the Chinese government’s demands.  Why did Google make this move?  Well frankly, Google is the pro for freedom of speech, and I think that they are simply sick of China trying to regulate the Internet and telling them how to do business.  According to Wikipedia, the censorship in place is similar to a blindfolded person throwing darts at a spinning board with a list of “potential threat” websites on it.  Not all sites remain blocked; some are unblocked or blocked at the whim of a high up government official who might have a positive story about himself on it.

Could you imagine trying to keep up with the Internet and censor it accurately?? <phew>  We have a hard enough time at work keeping the porn sites blocked. And we are using a world-class Internet categorization software suite to help us!


Anyway, to renew their license in China, Google was forced to comply with Chinese government demands and continue filtering results on their (Google China) page.  As a compromise, Google has posted a direct link to (Google Hong Kong) advertising unfiltered search results.

Google's China Page With A Hong Kong unfiltered link

Are you a or  We’d love to hear some feedback about what you think about this ongoing drama between China and Google!



  1. ed

    So why does google need China? It seems to me China needs Google as well. Saying that Google needs China so it is going to compromising on things like allowing the people of China to know about the atrocities China has committed against it’s own people. Saying Google is for freedom is like saying IBM was against Hitler in the 1930’s. I may not understand the situation so please someone enlighten me if I am wrong but it seems to me like this is another fine example of corporate greed wins over ethics.

    I have long noticed select Groovy posters to have a google bias, not sure why that is though.

    • Vijay

      I agree. It’s a joke. It all comes down to MONEY. Period. Plain and simple. Google can chant “do no evil” all they want but when it comes right down to it, Google is in the business of making money. period. And although the management at Google might claim they care about the Chinese people, the fact remains their stock holders do not.

      Does China need Google? No. Does Google need China? Well sure, of course. They make money on people surfing the internet and clicking their ads. Dumping China would be leaving about a billion web surfers on the table and the true fact is the Stock holders are the real owners of Google and I don’t think they would put up with that for a moment.

      I agree with you, it’s all about greed period. Do no evil… bah

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