Google Releases Privacy Plugin for Browsers

Groovy Google Tips, Tricks, News, and DownloadsWorried about Google Tracking what you do on the internet?  Good news at least from a website tracking standpoint; still waiting for something on Google Search and GMAIL, etc.

Anyway, Google just released a new browser plug-in which will block all tracking about you on sites running their free Google’s Website Analytics.  Being that Google Analytics is both free and one of the fastest growing Google Services out there used by webmasters around the globe, this is excellent news and a tremendous step forward for privacy.


The Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on is available for all newer versions of browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome, and Firefox.  You can pick up the plug-in from Google at:

The add-on’s labeled as a beta product, but seriously, what from Google isn’t in “beta?”

Download Link Google Analytics Opt-Out Plug-in Add-on


Installation of the add-on is super simple regardless of which browser you are using.  Once it installs, then you can view it, disable, or remove it by using the Add-ons page in your browser.

google analytics opt-out browser add-on


Like the idea of Google not tracking you for their Analytics?  Alternatively, you can also check out a groovy privacy plug-in called Ghostery which will allow you to block Analytics plus nearly everything else out there.  In summary, it’s great to see Google working towards increasing privacy awareness of its users and we look forward to covering more privacy enhancements in the future from Google.

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