Google Instant Search Makes A Quick Appearance

Groovy Google Instant Search First LookToday Google launched a feature it only recently started testing, Google Instant Search.  As advertised, it is fast instant, and Google might never look the same again.  Really!  Though they’ve launched the feature straight to their home page and all Google searches, it isn’t available to everyone geographically yet.  Check out the video below to see it for yourself.

google instant search results appear as you type

Google Instant Search results will display as you type them.  This feature pulls in the technology used in Google Scribe to strategically guess what your full query will be.  The results are real-time as they only take a few milliseconds to respond.  Click Here to try it out for yourself, or just Check out the video if it isn’t available in your area.

I’m really enjoying the new feature, as intended it seems to make search faster than it ever was before.

How do I disable Google Instant Search?

If for some reason Google Search isn’t working out for you, you can always click the blue down arrow next to Instant is on. From the drop-menu then Select Off (press Enter to search). Once you have that setting enabled Google Search will bother you no more!

how to disable google instant search

For me personally the new feature wasn’t working until ~1 pm Pacific time and it also wasn’t working in my iGoogle Dashboard.  Once I switched back to the standard classic page, however, today, instant searching works.

So what do you think about the new Instant Search?



  1. Robert

    This is great. I like it. Going to test it tonight at home.

  2. Tomc

    This changes everything!!

    • Robert

      No no, not everything….. just searching with Google… ;-)

      • TimO2020

        For the search wars anyway. I wonder how long until bing has it.

  3. PeterPan

    That song reminds me of the Philips first flat screen tv commercial.
    Google instant search is pretty slick.

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