Google Docs Increases File Size Limit to 1 Gig

google docs new upload anything limit is 1024mb or 1GBLast month Google announced you can now upload ANY file type to Google Docs making it easier than ever to share files and folders with friends, family, collaboration, etc. Well, I have even more good news!  Google has upgraded the previous 250mb file upload limit to 1GB.

Although this is great news, you will need to keep in mind that 1 Gig is also the total FREE online space given by Google Docs (unlike the 25Gigs from Microsoft’s Skydrive.) What this means is you can essentially fill up all of your free space with just one upload!  No doubt this will help give Google a boost in online storage space sales. Let’s look at the some of the other less noticeable updates.


Just like when you mistype something on the main search engine, Google now added it’s famous suggestions to Google Docs.  I would never forget how to spell cheeseburger, but in case someone else ever does, Google is there to correct your spelling for you!  Now you can search through your vast library of documents and still find what you are looking for while making typos like a 10-thumbed marsupial.

never mispell cheeseburger again! google docs has spelling suggestions


If you’ve become tired of looking at your Google Docs in the boring old list view, good news, Google just added thumbnail view.  Now if you click the change view button at the top right of the Google Docs page, you’ll see small little thumbnail previews of all of your docs to help you find them more easily.  This view is perfect for those docs that you forget to name, like the one below called “New Text Document,” I still wonder what’s in that doc.

Google Docs in thumbnail mode


Have you had a groovy experience with Google Docs?  We’d love to hear any stories or comments you might have regarding it!  Just post in the comments below or start a discussion in the Google section of the groovyPost community forum!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shockersh

    February 2, 2010 at 8:45 am

    I’ve already been using google docs as a yousendit type svc so this is nice!

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