Google Docs Gets a Groovy New Update!

Google Docs LogoIt seems almost every day Google is releasing something new with one of their products or services.  A couple of days ago we showed you The Announcement of Outlook 2010 Support for Google Calendar Sync, and today I’m going to quickly review another new announcement from Google. Google just released some groovy new updates for Google Docs which we’re quickly going to cover right now.


Google actually decided to pay some attention to links and realized that typing in text with https://www. every time isn’t really efficient. Instead, now you can just write and Google Docs will still recognize it as a valid link and it will be accessible with just a click. If you don’t want to make the text you just typed in to be a link, a simple Ctrl + Z will do the job. I can confirm that this feature works very well from my personal experience and it will definitely be a vast improvement to Docs.

New Preferences

You’re going to like the new Auto-Linking, but you may not want to include it everywhere. Google Docs now has its own Preferences from where you can disable Auto-Linking and also get rid of Smart Quotes which is nice. The Preferences are a small step forward to making Docs better than it already is.


New Page Layouts

Google have also taken their time to get us some new Page Layouts. If you’ve been looking for that Executive paper size all along, well – you’re in luck. Google finally added it to their Page Layouts, and it can now be accessed.


So tell us, what do you think of the new Google Docs updates? Did you expect more, or were you satisfied? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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