google Shortens Your Website And Generates A Scan-Worthy QR Code Launch has been dominating the short-link business for a while now thanks to Twitter and friends.  In the mean time other contenders have appeared such as and  Now Google has officially jumped on the band wagon.  Google’s URL shortener has been around for a while now, but previously it was only available using the Google Toolbar or Feedburner.  Today they launched the site and it integrates with the rest of Google’s services seamlessly. – Google Without the E

The new short-link website works much like all other shorteners and it is easy to use.  Nothing new to see here, but let’s look at what it does have. url shortener

After you create a short-link, Google will keep track of it for you.  If you are logged into your Google account all of your short-link information will be stored right on your front page. does the same thing but it also requires you to register; it’s a lot more convenient with since almost everyone already has a Google account. analytics Generated QR Codes

One thing really groovy about is that it automatically generates a scannable QR code for every short-link that is created.  To view just the QR code for your URL, simply Add .qr to the end of the short-link.

For example, if is a short-link for – to generate a QR code that will use that short-link just visit  The one in the screenshot below will take you to

groovyHacks QR code generated from

Convenient Browser Extensions

Google Chrome

With Chrome there is an extension available that creates a button near your options menu.  One Click on the button will instantly turn the address of the website you are viewing into a short-link. chrome extension

Pickup the extension for Chrome here: url shortener


Firefox also has an add-on here:

It works very similarly to the Chrome extension. firefox add-on

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1 Comment

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