Friday Fun: Get A YouTube Pro Account On The Cheap!

imageHave you ever wanted to try out the Warren Buffet experience?  Now you can, all you have to do is sign up for a YouTube Pro account!  That’s right!  For a limited time only, Google is offering the YouTube PRO account for only “$100 Million Dollars“!

YouTube Director of Product Management Hunter Walk, yesterday made a jab at Warren Buffet’s paid viewing program for his website.  It was Hunter’s response to Warrens interview with the HuffingtonPost where he mentions he views “hours of YouTube” and said that YouTube should be charging him money for how much he uses and enjoys it.


YouTube is proving that it “hears” the voice of its users and now there is the option to “give back” to YouTube… one hundred million dollars at a time.  I wonder if Warren has ever read groovyPost?  Hmm…

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