How to Enable Favicons In Google Reader

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Favicons are the small icons you see next to a website name or URL while using your Internet browser.  For most websites, these favicons have become permanent branding images, and are an excellent way to keep track of what site you’re on.  Google just introduced a new feature in Google Reader that allows the use of favicons to help identify feeds and give Google Reader a little more color.  The process is simple enough as you can see from the screenshot below.

How To Use Favicons With Google Reader

Sign-in to Google ReaderClick the Settings link and then once inside Click the Preference tab.  Near the bottom of this tab Check the box for Show favicons for subscriptions.

enable favicons in google reader

Now with favicons enabled, whenever you see the site you’re subscribing from you should also see their favicon if they have one.

an example of what a favicon looks like

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