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YouTube Lean Back News ArticleYouTube recently started testing out a new viewing mode to encourage effortless viewing.  It’s called Lean Back, and you literally will never need to worry about getting up to click your mouse again.  In fact, the mouse disables completely.


YouTube Lean Back incorporates a new feed or “stream” of videos that is generated using your Favorites, Subscriptions, Recently Viewed, Friend Shares, Related Videos, and other content introduced on YouTube.  From these sources, YouTube creates an endless flow of videos for hours of entertainment.  Below is a screenshot example of what a feed might look like, you’ll also notice that there are category buttons below the stream where you can select a particular genre of video that meets your current mood.

youtube leanback video feed


In Lean Back mode the mouse is completely disabled.  Everything is controlled directly from the Keyboard, and even then the keys are simple.  The arrow keys and the Return (or Enter key on some keyboards) are the only keys you’ll need to use.  Involving playback, you can skip past videos, fast forward, rewind, stop, pause, or skip backward to videos you’ve already seen.

use arrow keys to watch youTube videos in leanback mode


When testing it out I constantly was tempted to use the mouse, but once you get use to it, it’s pretty groovy.  Just imagine what you could do if you have a wireless keyboard and a large screen.


Lean Back mode is still in testing, but you can try it out for yourself!  Visit

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