How to Prevent Google from Asking for your Real Name on YouTube

Do you find it annoying that Google will continue to pester you to use your real name on Google Plus even after you decline to several times? Manually block it with AdBlock and this customer filter.

Come on, use your real name on YouTube! Don't want to? Oh come on!

How often does YouTube bother you with a request to use your real name from Google+ or Gmail? It seems like no matter how many times I tell Google “no,” it still manages to come back and ask again more often than a pushy car dealer. Does the search giant continue to ask over and over again in hopes that some users will eventually either give in? Or maybe they’ll be tricked while still drinking their morning coffee in a zombie-like state of alertness? If you are as tired of this as I am, how about we go ahead and just manually block Google using a third party tool.

If you have AdBlock installed for Chrome, you’re already halfway there. For this to work what we’re going to do is add a custom filter to the extension. This should also work with the AdBlock extension for Firefox and other browsers as well.

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Adblock options

Once in the options menu, click the Customize tab and then the Edit button.
At the top of the list add the following lines of text:

  • ||*
  • ||*

customize and save

Bonus: You can block annoying YouTube annotations by also adding the following line to the same list in the extension:

  • ||*

This will get rid of those annoying annotations and you doesn’t require that you be logged into your Google account like our previous fix. The downside is, sometimes annotations can be helpful, so use this with discretion. Disabling AdBlock at the extension level will temporarily remove any restrictions you might have set up with the custom list until the plugin is reactivated.

annoying annotations

Google’s internal mantra may be “don’t be evil,” but it really needs to pick up an additional one of “don’t be annoying.” Or am I the only one who is greatly annoyed by this?

via Adblock Plus forum



  1. Greg

    Austin, just a heads-up!

    When you blurred out your YouTube channel in the screen shot, you forgot to do the same for the “Links to your channel will still use Su**********. Show more »” link. ;)

    An honest mistake!!

    – Greg (Montreal, Canada)

    • Steve Krause

      Thnx for the tip Greg. I just stole his identity :) :)


      • Greg

        I guess that makes me an accomplice! :P

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