Google+: Enlarge Photos With a Simple Mouse Over in Chrome

Large Google+ profile pictures and shared photos are displayed as small thumbnails. Sure you can just click on them to get a larger view. But wouldn’t it be nice to just mouse over them for a larger view? Here’s how.

First install the +Photo Zoom extension for Chrome.


After it’s installed, go to Google+ and mouse over any thumbnail in your Google+ Stream to enlarge it.

Go to extension options to customize how it works. To do that, click on Wrench Menu then click Tools.


Next, click on Extensions.


Now, find +Photo Zoom and click on Options.


You can assign shortcut keys or tweak zoom in option for specific photos. Play around and have fun!


+Photo Zoom comes in handy for seeing more detail in photos, and it’s faster than opening the photo.

Large Photo

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ocelotty

    It’s already available for chrome (and has been for some time)under the hoverzoom (version3.4) extension. I use that all the time.

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