Google+: Get Desktop Notifications When You Receive Updates

The Google toolbar works for staying up-to-date on what’s happening in Google+. But you need to keep a browser open all day. Here’s how to get Google+ notifications directly on your Windows desktop.

First download and install G+ Notifier. Installation is basic following the wizard.

After G+ Notifier is installed, choose if you want automatic updates and the way it notifies you. Click OK.

G+ Notifier Settings

Next, log into your Google account.

Google Account Login

G+ Notifier lives in your system tray. When a Google+ notifications come in, you’ll see the icon change to the number of messages you have waiting.
System Tray

Click the icon to get a summary that is similar to the Google Toolbar on the website.


Click on a message to read the full post. From there you can also add you comments.


G+ Notifier is a free open source utility. It’s a great way to keep up on your Google+ happenings without opening a browser.

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