Google+ Now Allows You to Decide Who Sees Your Posts

Google+ is not (yet) as popular as Google would want it to be, but it still has a loyal community as well as some neat features that it continuously adds to the social network. The latest one allows you to decide who can or cannot see your posts.

Update: Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers. Make sure to read our article: How to Delete Your Google+ Profile 

Restrict Your Google+ Content by Age and Location

The idea is that your content should be able to reach its target audience, even if it’s questionable or for more mature users and not suitable for certain age groups. Or maybe you’re producing content that’s only relevant for a specific region of the world.

Either way, this new feature allows for better targeting of your content. You can even specify ages on a country-by-country basis. This works for both pages and personal accounts, but the setup process is different.

Personal Accounts

Starting with Personal accounts, go to Settings and then select the Audience tab.

Google+ posts restriction settings audience

There you can choose which age groups are allowed to see your posts. It can be any user, users over 18, or users over 21.

Google+ posts restriction settings audience 18

If you want something more complex, click the Custom option. You can select a Global setting, as well as country-specific one. For example, you can decide that you only want users over 21 in the US to see your content, but it’s OK for users over 18 in Germany to see it. You can set the age for each country yourself.

This can also be a good way of complying with laws in specific countries regarding certain types of content.

Google+ posts restriction settings audience country


Things are a bit different for Google+ Pages, but not a whole lot. Access your page and click Settings, as you did for your profile, and then Audience at the top of the screen — there are more options here.

From here on, the process is essentially the same, the difference being that an Alcohol-related preset is provided, should your page cover that category of content.

Google+ posts restriction settings page alcohol

There you go! Now you can be sure that your page or profile’s content only reaches its intended target audience.

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