Google Wants Your Full Name on YouTube

YouTube users can now use their full name when posting and interacting with YouTube. Here’s how to enable the use of your full name or opt out of using it.

Google has taken steps for users to be able to use their full real name when posting YouTube comments. This seems like a pretty good idea, considering the fact that comments can now be linked to your Google Plus profile. Here’s how to use the feature or opt-out.

youtube real name

The feature has already started rolling out to user accounts, and there’s a few ways of appearing on the site. This can be useful if you want to have a consistent identity all over Google’s sites. In case you didn’t know, using your real name is necessary on Google Plus (even if you can also use a nickname).

For me, the process started when I tried to comment on a video, but if it doesn’t, you can find it in the Advanced section of your YouTube account settings, which you can find here. Click the Begin Using my Full Name on YouTube link.

advanced section youtube account

Then you’ll get the following dialog box. If you’re ok with the Google Plus profile selected, click Next.

youtube real name comment select

In the next dialog box, you’ll be able to Review your content.

youtube real name comment review content

If you don’t want everyone to see your videos, you can make all videos private or select which videos to make private.

youtube real name comment review content select videos private

You can even select playlists you want to make private.

youtube real name comment review content make playlists private

Then, you can decide whether you want to delete old comments, or just some of them. It lets you choose where your full name will appear and give you an example of what it will look like on the page.

It seems like Google wants to make sure you have no privacy concerns to complain about — at least on YouTube.

youtube real name comment review content make comments private

Review your information and continue through the wizard.

youtube real name comment review content make likes subscriptions private

When you’re done, click Update My Name. If you’ve reconsidered, there’s an “I’m not ready to update” link on the bottom left side.

youtube real name comment update my name

If at the beginning of these steps, you choose the blue pill…I mean you choose “I don’t want to use my full name”, you’ll get the following dialog box. You can deny the use of your full name if you have a channel that already has a popular name, or you simply don’t want to use your full name. You can also make up your mind later.

youtube real name refuse to use full name

It’s good to see that users can refuse to display their full name on YouTube. I’m curious whether it will become compulsory in the future, or if this policy will remain in effect.

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