How To Use the New Google Cloud Print App on Android

Google Cloud Print has been out for a while, and Google made a new Android app for it in the Play Store this past Wednesday. Here’s a look at how it works.

Google Cloud Print is not a new service, it has been available for a while. However, printing from an Android device was done using third-party apps, until now. Google has decided to take matters into its own hands and released its own app for Cloud Print on Wednesday.

Note: If you need to setup Google Cloud Print and add printers to it, check out my previous article. I will assume that you already have a printer in your Google Cloud Print account.

New Google Cloud Print Android App

Install the Google Cloud Print app on your Android device. Then to print a document, tap the small printer icon at the top right side of the window. You’ll be able to choose a file you want to print from Drive, your files, Dropbox, SkyDrive…even your Gallery so you can share photos to other apps. For example, you can take a photo from the Gallery and save it to Google Drive as a PDF.

Google Cloud Print app print from

Select one of the options and find the file you want to print. I went for a file in my Google Drive account.

Google Drive

After selecting the file, you’ll need to select the printer you want to send it to – remember that the printer has to be online.

Google Cloud Print app main printer

Next you get a print preview screen where you can to adjust the document properties like paper size, orientation, and number of copies. The amount of options you have here will depend on the model of the printer you selected. After making the adjustments, tap the small arrow button on the top right side.

Google Cloud Print app print preview

The document will be on its merry way to the printer! You’ll also get a notification about it.

Google Cloud Print app printing

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