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Enable Type To Search in Google Chrome

Firefox has  a feature that allows you to immediately start searching a web page the moment you type. Other browsers don’t support this by default, but with Chrome you can enable it with this groovy extension. It’s called Type-ahead-find, and over 17,000 people use it.

  • Start writing (or press /) to start text search.
  • Press ‘ to search only links.
  • Change option “direct search state” to set the default search policy (text, links or disabled).
  • Use (Shift+)F3 or (Shift+)Control+G or Alt+N/P to switch between matches.
  • Use F4 to toggle matching mode (text/links) once the search is active. * Blacklist sites that set up their own shortcuts.
  • The search shows first matches in current viewport.
  • It cannot search inside iframes.
  • It does not search text in adjacent HTML nodes (i.e. “hello” won’t be found in HTML: <b>He</b>llo)
  • If the page already sets Javascript keybidings you will have problems. The best solution is to blacklist the site (see the options) to disable the extension for this particular website. This applies to Google Reader and many other sites.
  • It does not work at the webstore page. In fact, no extension works there (Chromium’s design decision)

Download type-ahead-find from the Chrome Web Store

type-ahead-find web store

With the extension installed, all you have to do to search is start typing. To switch between words, use one of the hotkeys mentioned above.

searching chrome without ctrl f

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