How To Gmail Attachments Up to 10 GB

Google announced that Gmail can now send up to 10 GB of files in an email, via Google Drive. It’s being rolled out to users over the coming days.

Google has announced that Gmail users will be able to insert up to 10 GB of files in an email, via Google Drive.

You should probably already have the feature active on your account. If you don’t you will soon enough. Here’s how to attach more than Gmail’s traditional 25 MB attachment limit.

google drive

Open the new Compose window  enter the recipient’s address, and drag the file(s) you want to send. If they’re bigger than 25 MB, you’ll get the message saying the files exceeds the attachment limit. Click the Send Using Google Drive button.

send using google drive

Now (annoyingly enough), you’ll have to re-drag the file or select it from your computer.

send using google drive select file

Adding multiple files is not a problem, either. You’ll see a list of your files. Click Upload.

send using google drive upload

Wait for the files to upload, then, when the Compose window is back, click Send.

send using google drive ready

You’ll get a dialog box asking you what rights the recipient has on Google Drive for the files.

send using google drive rights

After you’ve decided, click Share & send, or you can Send without sharing. If you give rights to recipients of the email, remember that they’ll need a Google account to use those rights.

send using google drive received email

It’s not technically emailing a large file to a person, but does allow them access to your Google Drive so they can download them from there. Still, it’s a handy improvement to the Gmail service that allows you send large files for free without using a separate service like YouSendIt for example.

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