Get the Old Facebook Back (for now, at least)

Facebook How-To Tips, Tutorials and NewsNow, don’t start cursing me if this stops working at some point. All I can tell you is that it works today. Facebook has changed everything about the user experience today in a very annoying way. And it’s a coincidence that they did this on the exact day Google has decided to go public with Google+ (yea, right).

I don’t know how long this will work–probably until they start rolling the changes into the whole website. But it still feels good to have some time left.

First, open your new Facebook page to Account Settings.

Now, go to Language and click Edit.

Select English(UK) then Save Changes.

How about that? Old Facebook’s back. Groovy.

While you’re at it, why not stream your favorite song on your Facebook wall?



  1. Spencer

    I’m guessing will only work until the uk gets the update… :(

  2. Leah

    It now only works on “Upside Down English.” :(

  3. Bogdan

    @Spencer: yes, probably.
    @Leah: :)))

  4. Kaylaa

    It doesnt work anymore:/

    • MrGroove

      The UK must have flipped…. sorry folks…

  5. Bogdan

    It still works in French (if you speak it, that is). Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you :)

  6. Jessica

    This did not work for me.

  7. tina

    merrrr….for some reason it didnt work for me…. :(

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