New iOS 9 Features Help Get More From Your Apple Device

While iOS 9 was predicted to be a fit and finish release, Apple added many surprises to the latest version of its popular mobile operating system.

  1. Wi-Fi Assist

If you ever connect to a Wi-Fi network with your iOS device then begin an activity then go out of range only to realize you are not connected, this can be annoying. iOS 9 automatically switches to Mobile data in such situate. You should consider switching this feature off if you’re on a limited mobile data plan. To do so, open Settings then Cellular then scroll down to the bottom of the page to Wi-Fi.

Wifi assist

  1. Low Power Mode

If you want to get more out of your day, iOS 9 will automatically go into low power mode when it gets under a 20 percent charge. Low Power Mode reduces performance and networking activity extending battery life. When you have it turned on, Mail Fetch, Background App Refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled. When you can recharge and get a 70 percent charge, low power mode will automatically be disabled. Another aspect of iOS power efficiency, if you keep the device face down you won’t receive any notifications.

Low Power Mode

  1. Enhanced Notes app

Microsoft’s OneNote and Evernote look like they are about to get some competition from Apples built-in Notes app that has been around since the inception of iOS. With Notes in iOS 9, the app features more creative options than its original text-centric nature, with the ability to capture pictures and sketches. You can even add documents, pictures, and videos to your Notes. If you share something from Safari, Notes is one of the Apps you can select from the Share Sheet.


  1. Activities

Apple’s new iOS 9 makes it easier to exchange information with other apps. For instance, you can use the Share Sheet to save an image to your online storage locations of choice such as Dropbox.


  1. Proactive Suggestions and Siri

Apple re-engineered the operating system with system-wide support for its new Proactive Suggestions function. With this new feature, you can get app recommendations and suggestions based on your current location or situation. If you usually email a particular group of people, iOS 9 will include a list of contacts. I notice that iOS 9 is keeping apps open based on the fact I use these apps regularly even though I didn’t launch them. I saw OneNote and Word for iOS were open even though I didn’t launch them.

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, first introduced with the iPhone 4s has fallen behind competitors Cortana and Google Now over the years. Under iOS 9, she feels like a whole new person, letting you create reminders based on location and context. So you can tell Siri to remind you to pick up groceries when you are in the car or based on an email message with particular information, you could ask Siri to remind you to complete a Task and Siri will look through that message. One of the cool new features I have been playing is the ability ask Siri to show me photos I took at a particular time. So I can ask Siri to show me photos from two weeks or from last August.

iPad iOS 9

Most of the features I tested on an iPhone. If you use an iPad, you’ll see additional improvements such as the split view multi-tasking on the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini along with an improved keyboard. Coming from older Apple devices, iOS 9 is more of an under the hood update than user-facing features. One of the great benefits includes the smaller size of the OS, improved security such as the ability to create a 6-digit security passcode and enhanced Two-Factor authentication.

What do you think of iOS 9 so far? Leave a comment and let us know.

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