How To Get Free Ring Tones And Notification Sounds On Your Android Phone

If you’ve been using regular cell phones and iPhones for a while, we covered how you can make your own ring tones for free.  But, if you have an Android phone you can take the lazy path and just download pre-made ones for free.  Why go through the trouble of making them yourself?  Let’s get ringing!

Note the screenshots in this article were taken using a Samsung Galaxy S (Sprint Epic 4G) so the location of some menu options may vary depending on your Android device.

Step 1

On your phone, Open the Android Marketplace.  In your App Drawer it is known as just Market.

open the android market

Step 2

Tap the Search icon and Type Zedge into the search and then Tap the Search icon again.

search the android market for zedge

Step 3

The first result should be the one we are looking for.  It is called Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers, and it is made by Zedge.  Tap this search result, then download and install it.

zedge rintones and wallpapers app review

Step 4

Once the download finishes, Tap you application drawer.  Inside you should now find the Zedge app, Tap it to open it.

zedge free ringtones app on android

Step 5

Once the Zedge app opens, Tap the Search button and Type in the name of a song or sound you’d like to have as your ring tone.*

*Alternatively you can just Tap the Ringtones button right now and it will show you the current most popular tones.

search zedge for free ring tones on android

Step 6

After the search is done your results will display under Wallpapers or Ringtones.  In wallpapers you can download backgrounds for your phone, but that isn’t really anything too special.  Tap Ringtones to see what is available.

free ringtones on android via zedge

Step 7

All available ringtones that match your search terms will be listed on the Ringtones page.  By default they are sorted by popularity over the last 30 days.  Here you can preview each sound by Tapping the Play button. Tap the name of the sound to go in a screen where you can Download or Preview it.

quick play preview ring tone sounds

Step 8

After you have tapped the name of the sound, you’ll be on the screen where you have the option to play it, download it, favorite it, or send it to someone.  Since we want to use it as a ringtone or notification tone, we are going to go ahead and Tap Download.

download free ringtones to android

Step 9

The download should go quick, even if you are on 3G.  Once it finishes a new button will appear called Set.  Tap Set to assign the sound.

download complete, set button appears

Step 10

Select what you would like the tone to do.  You can set it as your phone’s Default ringtone, an individual contact’s ringtone, the default notification sound, or as an alarm sound.

set sound as ringtone, notification, alarm, or contact


As you’ve seen, on Android it is incredibly easy to download ring tones and set them up on your phone absolutely free.  Zedge is powered by in-app advertisements so the app itself is entirely free as well.  The ringtones are really groovy and you can find nearly any song or sound that you want.

Note that you can also assign contacts using the Zedge sounds just like normal from other parts of your phone.  When you go to set up a sound in your contacts list or System settings, you’ll see a prompt appear giving you the option to use Zedge.

use zedge to set ringtones



  1. Robert

    September 5, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Great article. Ive tried the app, but i must say I prefer to use my own music. But in general I put all my music on my sd card. So when Ive got a cool ringtone, and its from a album that I deside to delete, Ive also deleted my ringtone. To prevend that, Ive decided to place all my icons in a different map on my internal sd, not die external one. I called the map “.nomedia” so the phone wont scan the map when its booted or when the external sd is removed or placed.

    You can rename any map this way, and place movies or stuff in it, and the map wont get scanned that way and you can save time that way.

    • Syl

      October 14, 2011 at 10:08 am

      This post was excellent. I wasn’t able to get the ringtone on my phone until I read your step by step explanation. A complete techno dumdum would never have figured it out.


  2. Shawn

    October 18, 2011 at 1:46 am

    there’s also an awesome free app that will let you make custom ringtones. found it the other day —

    it worked really well and was super easy to use!

  3. Barbara

    November 9, 2011 at 11:52 am

    I see many other people having the same problem as me. The notification tones won’t ‘stick’ it goes to default. I’ve posted help everywhere and am not getting any help anywhere! This is very disappointing! i have the Captivate.

  4. Qwennie

    November 29, 2011 at 6:44 am

    how if i want to delete old or unwanted ringtones on my android phone?

  5. bestautumnn

    October 27, 2015 at 7:40 am

    Allavsoft to download very good,you can have a try.

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