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How to Use Twitter To Automatically Update Your Facebook Status

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Whether you’re a casual Facebooker or a full-time twit-a-holic, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just update your status in one place and have it update both of your accounts?  Huge time saver right?  Good news!  Twitter has a Facebook application that will allow you to post all your tweets directly to your Facebook status.  Very groovy!


Okay, now let’s get automated and show Facebook and Twitter who’s boss!

How To Allow Twitter To Automatically Update Your Facebook Wall Status

1.   From your Internet Browser, visit  You’ll need to be signed in to your Facebook to view this page.


2.   Once at the twitter app page, Click Allow to give Twitter access to your Facebook profile and information so it can correctly post.

click to allow twitter to access your facebook account

3.  You may be asked to log in and confirm your Twitter account, just Enter your Twitter account username and password and then Click Log in.

login to your twitter accoun through facebook

4.   Now you’ll be taken to the Twitter application page.  From here you can Post from Facebook to Twitter using this page.  The goal here is to Click + Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status.

post to twitter from facebook or allow twitter to update your profile status from twitter

5.  You’ll be asked to confirm, Click Allow Status Updates.



Now whenever you post something to your Twitter profile, it will also be posted directly to your Facebook profile as a status update.  Very groovy!

a look at a facebook profile where the status has been updated using twitter

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