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A few months back, I wrote an and gave a few recommendations for RSS readers.  Although I found the Google Reader to be a promising player, I found it lacked several key features which I used on my Desktop Client – Omea Reader.  Recently, however, Google has introduced a new feature to Google Reader which is beginning to tip the scales on me.  The feature?  Translation!

Now I know what your thinking. Translation?  That’s been around for YEARS!  True, it has been around for years “FOR WEBSITES” BUT the same can’t be true for RSS Feeds.

How/why would I use the RSS Translation Feature of Google Reader?

Recently I noticed a BLOG mention one of my articles here on  It was written in Japanese when I went to check it out.

Simple, I’ll just use to translate the page!  Solved!

The next problem was, I liked what I read!  Hmm..  If only I could subscribe to this guy’s RSS feed.  After all, using Google Translator for EACH page is a waste of time being that I will probably only WANT to read 20-30% of his posts which interest me.  That’s the beauty of RSS.  With an RSS feed, you get just a summary of each post consolidated into a single reader with all your other Subscriptions, making it easy for you to review all the Feeds/Sites your watching for interesting content.  If you see something interesting, you just click on it and read the entire article.  Saves a LOT of time!

Time to find an RSS reader that translates!  FOUND IT!  Google Reader (obviously.)

1.   Go to and Login using your Google/GMAIL Account

Google Reader Login Page ::

2.   Click Add a Subscription Button, Type the RSS Feed Address in the Box and Click Add

Google Reader RSS Add Subscription Feature ::

3.    The new Feed Subscription highlights by default, now Click Feed settings, Translate into my language

Google Reader RSS Translation Feature ::

Google will process the request (took my Reader about 5 seconds) and when the page refreshes:

Very GROOVY use of Google’s Translation Technology.  What I also like is if you click to read the entire article, the page will come up using the Google Translator!  Ahhh…  That was easy!  Mission accomplished!

The Google Reader Team earns the Coveted “MrGroove 2 Groovy Thumbs Up” award for this one.

Question to the readers, what RSS Reader do you use, and why?  Any other Google Reader Tips and Tricks you like?

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