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Make An Absolutely Free Photo Book Via HotPrints [groovyDeals]

Check out HotPrints for to make a free Photo Book

HotPrints recently announced a new deal that allows users to create custom photo books for absolutely free through their service.  Not only is the service free but HotPrints will also print, assemble, and ship the book to your house for free too.


Typically, this service would run you around $2.99 per photo book plus $.80 or so for shipping (still not bad.) However Free is Free which is why I wanted to make sure all you groovy readers heard about it!


So.. What’s the catch?


HotPrints offers 1 free HotBook photo book every month! From what I could find, there are just three conditions regarding the “Free” offer none of which are a show-stopper in my opinion.

  1. Limit of one photo book is available per month for free.  Sounds reasonable.
  2. Your book will come shipped with completely removable advertisement inserts that print on separate pages you can quickly pull out of your book.  The advertisements included in your HotBook will be from sponsors that match the demographic information from your profile.  HotPrints assures users that no personal information will transfer to third party advertisers.  Again, not a big deal.
  3. To create your Free photo book, you must have a Facebook account where you’ve uploaded your photos (you can also use your friends’ photos.)



Like I said, none of these issues are deal breakers.  Although I would be much more excited if I could just upload my photos to the service rather than be proxied through Facebook, being that ~200 Million people these days have accounts, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal unless you have an issue with Facebook’s Terms of Service.

HotPrints lets you choose from your own uploaded photos or those from friends on FacebookEasily Customize your HotPrints Photo book using the HotBook Application



Free Photo Books! []


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