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Friday Fun: Epic Win

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Are you a raving gaming addict?  Then today let me tell you about an epic win.  No, this isn’t my sordid approach at internet meme humor.  “Epic Win” is an up and coming mobile phone app that will help you win at more than just video games.  Yes indeed, it will help you accomplish things in the real world such as real adventures chores of your real life.



epic win is pretty winReady to start winning at real life?  Perhaps Epic Win will be able to help.  The app will first be released on the iOS platform (iPhone iPod Touch, and iPad) but I’m sure that quickly enough there will also be an android version.

What is Epic Win?

From a definitive approach, according to Urban Dictionary an epic win is:

“A win so great, so awesome that it is EPIC. May also be used to describe something very nice and enjoyed.”

The mobile app Epic Win is simply put, the fastest way for any gamer to get active with his real life in a way that he understands.  What if instead of just clean dishes, you got 200 experience points PLUS clean dishes and possibly an epic loot drop?  Talk about motivation!! 

As a user you can input real world tasks into the application and it will then set time frames and rewards for those tasks.  Rewards can vary from small amounts of exp. to larger more grandeur things such as rare items that you can trade with other users.

Though it is still in development, here are a few things we know about the app.
  • There are 4 different characters to play.
  • There are attribute statistics such as Strength and Stamina.
  • It is integrated with Twitter and Facebook.
  • It is a to-do list mixed with a video game.  Yeah, talk about an epic win right?
  • Available first for the iPhone and iPad.

Here is the pre-release trailer from the Epic Win development team.


Are you excited about Epic Win?  I know I am!  Please post your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. alexmvp

    OMG! Where do I get it! I’m going to get soooo much crap done!

  2. DW96

    ROFL! Nice app. Pretty funny idea too! :P

  3. Fernando Masone

    If you torture data sufficiently, it will confess to almost anything.

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