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Customize WordPress Login Page [Quick-Tip] Today I built a new WordPress Blog, and one of the last steps I always take is to customize the Login Page with a custom logo.  Half-way through the process, I stopped myself and figured this would make a groovy Quick-Tip.  So let’s get right into it, shall we!

This How-To will cover how to quickly change the image above the login interface on your wp-login.php page.

If you have access to your site’s backend files, this is an easy thing to do.  An FTP program is probably the easiest way to browse your web server.


1. Navigate to your wp-admin/images folder.

Change WordPress Logo


2. In this folder, you’ll see a file called logo-login.gif, download this file to your computer so you can edit it.  The default one looks like this one below.

WordPress Logo on Login Page - logo-login.gif


3. Create your own logo design, and keep it the same file name logo-login.gif, then upload the file to your wp-admin/images folder replacing the old one.  The result should change the picture above your login; an example is below.



All done!  Now when you and others log in to your WordPress site, your new own custom logo will be displayed at login!

Questions about the article or WordPress in General?  Feel free to use our free !



  1. Kenny

    Exactly what I needed. No idea it was that easy! thanks!

    • MrGroove

      @Kenny, Thank you for the comment! Glad to hear it helped you out!

  2. Tony Thomas

    AWESOME!!! Simply awesome!
    Thank you, so much!

  3. MrGroove

    @Tony – Anytime and Welcome to the site.

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