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Bring Off-Screen Lost Windows Back To Your Desktop [How-To]

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One problem many XP and Vista users encounter is that their windows become unusable and stuck / lost because they have gone off-screen.  Over the years I’ve lost a window or two and previous to discovering this tip, I would nuke the process in Task Manager. 


Today I’ll show you a trick to fix this problem without losing any work (unlike my nuke method mentioned above….).  The process is easy and can be completed in only two short steps.  Here’s how!



How To Bring Stuck Off-Screen Windows Back To The Desktop


1.  Right-Click the program on the Taskbar, then Click Move for the Window that’s positioned off your screen

Windows XP Screenshot - Move Window


2.  Hit any arrow key on your keyboard.   Now move your mouse and the lost window will follow your mouse wherever you want to place it.  Click anywhere to place the window

Windows XP Screenshot - Hit Arrow Key to find lost window

If you weren’t able to follow the Step-by-Step, here’s the How-To Video:



The good news is I’ve found that it’s virtually impossible to get your Windows stuck with Microsoft’s new Operating System .  If you do manage it however, the 2 step process above should still work AND, if you close and re-open the program it’s starting position resets.  Additionally, Windows 7 SNAP Aero feature should also fix the problem.  More on that soon!

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