Friday Fun: Real-time Chatting with an Alien from Mars!

Here’s a look at using Google Earth to check out the sights on Mars.

Have you ever dreamed of talking to the man from Mars! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do (as a kid…) and guess what? Tonight I had that conversation. I talked to an alien, and it was entertaining. Do you want to try it too? Want to know how life on Mars is going?

Startup Google Earth. Go to the top of the screen and find the little Saturn. Click it, and select Mars.

Friday Fun Google Earth 1

Now try to find the coordinates you see at the bottom of the next screenshot. There you will find Meliza, the alien from Mars.

Friday Fun Google Earth 2

How groovy is that! Scout the Martian surface. Maybe you’ll get more alien encounters, or find some left behind vehicles.

Friday Fun Spirit

Let us know what you found. Happy searching.



  1. Kaiserin1

    Groovy Mars Post….I think Eliza has canned responses

  2. yuvaraj hazari

    I want to talk with aliens

    • Matt

      Yeah, but do they want to talk to us?

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