Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Released Today

Today was a big release for Windows LiveWindows Live Writer Beta 3,  Hotmail, Live Photo Gallery, Toolbar, Windows Live SkyDive were all released over the last few days (500 Megs of personal/shared/public storage; do I smell the death of FolderShare??)  All fascinating. However, the one I’ve been waiting for is Live Writer Beta 3.




Begone foul beast!!!  ArgumentOutOfRangeException is dead!




With Windows Live Writer Beta 3 (build 12.0.1277.816) the dreaded BUG which keeps you from opening up posts from your site has been banished!  Excellent news for me being that WLW is my primary blogging tool for the various blogs I write.

Groovy enough that I thought it had deserved mention before I hit the sack.

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1 Comment

  1. OscarJJ

    Thanks for the heads-up.

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