SlimPDF Reader Is A Free Minimalistic Adobe Alternative

imageBy now most of you probably know we’re not fans of Adobe Flash or Adobe PDF reader here at groovyPost.  Don’t get me wrong; they are both great products, but the constant stream of new security vulnerabilities found with the products is very concerning.  I’m always looking for good Adobe Reader alternatives such as FillAnyPDF, or NitroPDF but recently we’ve found another one that’s worthy of a mention.  SlimPDF!  It may not be a heavy hitter in the PDF world, but with its small system footprint, it’s a minimalist’s dream come true.

The application, developed by inc, is entirely free. Although you’ll notice below that it does include a very minimal amount of self-promotion.  I like the fact that it’s tiny and it does what you need it to do – read PDF files.



You can pick up a copy of SlimPDF Reader here:

The Installation process is straightforward.

download slimpdf for free


Trial Registration during Installation?  No Thanks!

During installation, you are prompted to register your trial.  Hold on a sec; this isn’t even a trial!  What the heck?  As far as I can tell SlimPDF is a lightweight and 100% free program.  It seems to me this is just a last-ditch effort to harvest your email address for promotional spam. Since this whole registration thing sounded bogus, I skipped registration all-together.

don't register for the stupid trial



Features you say?  Well, there aren’t many, but here is what it can do.

  • Read PDF files
  • Print PDF files
  • Zoom

Yeah, that’s about it.  The whole concept of SlimPDF is to have a small and quick PDF reader that uses a minimal amount of system resources.

slimpdf overview screenshot



SlimPDF is just that.  It’s a slim no-nonsense PDF reader which should meet the needs of 99% of the people out there.  Yes, it does have a few annoying Twitter & Facebook icons with just self-promotional links to investintechs company page, but nothing that outrageous.  After all, it’s IS a free giveaway app, so I agree they deserve a little self-promotion here and there.  ;)

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